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Kate Gundry, Pluck PR
617-797-5174 Background
Founded in 2019 by a team who worked together on the Airbus Vahana program.
Headquartered in the SF Bay Area.
Early stage (funding will be disclosed at a future date).

What do you do?
We’re building the first electric aircraft for middle-mile logistics.
   - Manned aircraft with one pilot that carries 500 lbs of cargo.
   - Huge growth in e-commerce and time-sensitive cargo drives the need for new logistics capabilities.

Why is this special?
Aircraft normally needed runways that are thousands of feet long. We are developing an aircraft that can take-off and land in a few hundred feet, using electric propulsion. This enables us to move cargo and people in ways that don’t need traditional airports.

Our first market is time-sensitive cargo such as same-day e-commerce or medical supplies.

Who is behind this?

A team from the former Airbus Vahana eVTOL program decided there was another way to address the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market and started a company to develop eSTOL aircraft. The founding team includes members with over 60 years of aerospace experience whose backgrounds include companies like Airbus, Eclipse Aviation, Northrop Grumman, Uber Elevate, Airware, and Scaled Composites. The founding team is:

Marc Ausman, Co-founder & CEO. Chief Strategist on the Airbus Vahana program. Formerly COO at Yuneec, President at Vertical Power, Board member at Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Director at Eclipse Aviation, and Naval Flight Officer at US Navy. MBA, UT Austin. BS, Cal Poly. 

Peter Kalogiannis, CTO & Co-founder. Aircraft Integration and Test Lead on the Airbus Vahana program. Formerly Sr. Flight Test Engineer at Uber Elevate, Director at Skyryse, Project and Flight Test Engineer, Scaled Composites. MS Electrical Engineering, BS Computer Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Don Fung, Co-founder. Flight Software Engineer on the Airbus Vahana program. Formerly Flight Controls Engineer at Northrop Grumman. BS, Aerospace Engineering, UCLA.

Geoffrey DuBridge, Co-founder. Senior sub-scale vehicle engineer on the Airbus Vahana program. Senior integration engineer on the Airbus Vahana program, UAV Systems engineer at Airware. BS Aerospace Engineering, UC Irvine                              

Robbie Bunge, Co-founder & Flight Controls Consultant. Head of Flight Controls, Flight Software and Sub-scale Vehicles on the Airbus Vahana program. PhD, MS, Aeronautics & Astronautics, Stanford.

What does eSTOL and eVTOL mean?

eSTOL (electric Short Take-Off and Landing) These are fixed-wing aircraft designed to take off and land on very short runways, fields, roads, beaches, and other rugged terrain. Pronounced “e-stole.”

eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) These are aircraft that take off vertically like a helicopter, then transition to flying like an airplane, then transition back to land like a helicopter. Pronounced “e-vee-toll.”

How does eSTOL meet the needs of the UAM market?

We published a document making the case for eSTOL aircraft. You can find it here.

Downloadable media assets are listed below.

Press Release - Ravn Alaska Purchase - 6-2021

Press Release - Allan McArtor Named to Advisory Board - 3-2021

Press Release - Full-scale Piloted Tech Demonstrator - 1-2021

Press Release - Verdego Partnership - Dec 1 2020

Press Release - Company Launch - June 10 2020

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